Incubus – Morning View

Incubus – Morning View

I love that lately I have been doing a lot of really old abums from like 2002 or a year difference. So I might as well keep it going. Today I write about Morning View. If there is anything I can tell you about this album is that it is full of stories. Each song is so descriptive you daydream while listening to it and you know EXACTLY what Brandon Boyd is talking about. I bought this album the DAY it came out and listened to it alone for at least 7 months straight. NO JOKE!! Everything about this album I enjoyed. The album art, the art on the actual disc, the enhanced cd and the movies it contained, the music, and the writing. Everything about this album is incredible. The song “Aqueous Transmission” was a shock to me. First time I learned what a Sitar was. I played the crap out of this song. Every night before I went to bed I put a cd player next to my head and put track 13 “aqueous transmission” on and put the repeat 1 on. I listened to this song going to bed and woke up to this song. It started my day off right! Now when I hear this album on shuffle, I stop and put the first song on and listen from then on. This album, no matter how many times you play it, gets better and better. Like an good wine it gets better with every year. I am so glad I was alive when this album came out and I cannot wait to grow old with this album.

Seeing Incubus in concert is a spectacle in itself. Everyone around is lighting up their joints and passing them around, and then by the end of the show the band comes out and puts a crazy visual on the huge screens of frogs and whatnots and while everyone is stoned they play Aqueous Transmission and everyone goes nuts for two seconds but then they want to be a part of the song so it gets quiet rather fast. Everyone at the shows are just like the band, super nice and look out after you. If there is a pit, and if someone falls, everyone stops what they are doing to help that person up. It’s great.

I freaking love Incubus and I hope that by my ramblings about them that you might give this album a try. Definitely worth your time.


3 thoughts on “Incubus – Morning View

  1. This album always takes me back….

    great post.

    I’ll be listening to this one today and I’ll automatically feel like a freshman again.

  2. hahaha. Remember when I bought this album at convention in springfield? This is what I think of when I hear this album. Skateboarding in the golf course, and limboing under a semi in the K-Mart parking lot.

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