The Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl Vol.1

The Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl Vol.1

Beautiful Beautiful album! I freaking love this album. I can’t remember a road trip or a car ride without listening to this album. I listen to this album ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I even have a cassette tape of this in my car so that if I don’t have my iPod I have something amazing to listen to. I love TAC to death, and on a stupid quick note, they are playing in Dekalb in March but playing Low Level Owl Vol.1 and 2 straight through and I am for sure gonna be there. So freaking pumped about that show.

The reason I chose this album is because I have my iTunes on shuffle (again) and 2 songs in a row were TAC. So I thought I put them on without realizing it. Anyway, this album is a classic, and should be in an instrumental-ists music library. The whole atmosphere when this album is being played, changes. It is an album that can be put on repeat and listened to heavily. The soft vocals, the looped guitars, the slinging bass, the all over the place drums are perfect for each other. Go into a room shut the lights off, lay down and play this album. It is sooo soothing, dramatic, and deep. A perfect blend. The song “Doors Lead To Questions” is a great song. How ONE drum beat over and over does not get boring. The fact that when the drums are going every other aspect of the song comes in and makes it all work. I highly suggest this album to anyone who wants a good listen. The Appleseed Cast is probably my favorite musical group ever. So I am pretty damn biased. Seriously though you can start at any song on this album and listen to it all the way through and feel like the album is complete. Just amazing.


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