The American Dollar – Atlas

The American Dollar – Atlas

The newest album from The American Dollar is probably the best one yet. TAD is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands of all time. All instrumental, they will blow your mind while making you a more peaceful person. When I recieved this album, I thought that there was no way they could outdo their previous album Technicoulor Sleep, but they did for sure. The keyboard driven, slow-tempo, instrumental music is just a perfect mixture of awesomeness. I cannot get over how incredible this album is. The first song just gets you pumped for the rest of the album, and that pumpedness (haha) does not end. Even till the end of the album you are still pumped and are ready for more. I don’t know how these guys do it, but they keep me on the edge of my seat when listening. One of their songs Second Sight is a great example of how these guys operate and keep you entertained even without the added vocals that most music has. I will for sure post the video to this song as well. The video is a great representation of what these guys accomplish in their music. They somehow get you to think of landscapes and objects and still tell a story. Crazy? I know. Anyway, I really hope that you check these guys out. They are worth every penny and more!

I am glad to be back and writing more. I hope that this album is good enough of a comeback. PLEASE let us know how we are doing and give us some feedback! We hope you enjoy this blog, we sure do. Thank you Dan for taking over while I was away from this. I appreciate it! Take care guys.


3 thoughts on “The American Dollar – Atlas

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of their stuff, but I never would have known they existed until you posted here! I’d ask you to send the album to me except I think these guys are definitely worth spending money on!

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