Crossbearer – Transgressor EP

Crossbearer – Transgressor EP

WOW! The other day I was trying to watch some youtube videos of a band called Blessed By A Broken Heart and I guess my iTunes decided to start playing. When watching these videos of BBABH I knew the song by heart but this song felt like it was just straight up passion and depth, but it turned out to be Crossbearer’s song Posterchild playing in the background. The funny thing was that the vocals from BBABH fit perfectly with the song from Crossbearer. IT BLEW MY MIND. While still not knowing what was going on, I paused the youtube video and the song Posterchild kept playing and AGAIN I was blown away. I have had Crossbearer for about a year and a half at this point and never have I spent time to actually listen to them. Since a couple days ago, I cannot stop listening to them. The whole entire cd from one second to the last second is just pure passion, emotion, and a lot of heavy music. If you do not listen to metal or heavy stuff, I would still recommend this album to you. These guys are all about speaking from their hearts which I am in love with. They say what they think, and what they believe in (or don’t). When this album starts, it is hard to find a time to press pause because it is just full of amazing everything. The guitars are pumping out amazing riffs, the drums are beaten all to hell, the bass is just rattling your insides, and the vocals are full of emotion. I cannot remember the last time I was blown away this much from an album by listening to one song. I strongly suggest you buy/download this album. It will be in your collection for years to come. Don’t believe me? GET IT!


7 thoughts on “Crossbearer – Transgressor EP

  1. This EP is super good – I just found it cruising.
    They’re kind of hard to find on the intertubes (aside from myspace).
    Well worth the search.
    FFO counterparts, accidents, nine eleven, we are the vulture

    Anybody know who put this out?
    Do they have art for this release?
    hit me back.

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