Heather Woods Broderick – From the Ground

Today’s album is From the Ground by Heather Woods Broderick.  Heather is the sister of singer/songwriter Peter Broderick whom you may remember I did my first post on.  Similarities are almost instantaneously noticeable between the brother and sister’s albums.  First off, they’re both obviously folkish people.  Secondly the same otherworldly feel is on this album too.   She’s got gorgeous vocals and (so does he!).

This album is amazingly beautiful from the first note on.  Seriously.  The melodies are lush and haunting,  the piano work is just wonderful.  It’s  amazing. What I love about albums like this is how amazingly introspective they make me.  They make me think about my life and where it’s been, and where it’s going.  If you want an album to just chill with all day, you should seriously consider this one.

The song The Colors is the standout song for me,  it’s just so hypnotically ethereal, like it’s from another planet where folk singers are the prophets looking deep into your soul.  It just make me want to sip scotch and write poetry all day. (and if I didn’t have work in a couple of hours, I would definitely do that.)

Do yourself a favor and check out From the Ground by Heather Woods Broderick today.



What do you think of this album?

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