**GUEST POST** Mastodon – Crack The Skye

Mastodon – Crack The Skye

Of all the albums released in 2009 by my favorite artists this is probably in the top 2. Mastodon had done 3 previous “concept” albums with elemental themes (earth, air, fire), and this latest release is supposed to cover the Aethyr element. The songs are awe-inspiring from all angles: the music is technical and extremely complex while still maintaining structure and focus (I can appreciate this as a musician); the lyrics are clear while still being cryptic enough for interpretation; and the tone of the music just moves me.  As I listen to some of the riffs over and over again I can’t help but think, “WOW, how do they write this stuff?!?”. It’s just absolutely amazing. The album in itself is a complete story with themes of astral travel and out-of-body experiences set in Tsarist Russia, but also doubles as a tribute to drummer Brann Dailor’s sister (Skye) who passed away when she was a teenager. They went on tour in Fall 2009 with Dethklok (fictional metal band from the cartoon Metalocalypse) and played Crack the Skye in its entirety WITHOUT STOPPING. Without a doubt one of the best live show’s I’ve seen in quite some time. The opening song, “Oblivion”, I think captures the spirit of the entire album. From a distinct, attention-grabbing opening, to metal-chug-heavy verses, to smooth and melodic choruses, I think you’ll enjoy this album from start to finish!

~Chris Salvador

*Thanks Chris for this freaking awesome guest post! Also thank you for actually reading this blog! Dan and I honestly appreciate it!



6 thoughts on “**GUEST POST** Mastodon – Crack The Skye

  1. Great band and this album has some of my favorites… However, my favorite will always be their opener to Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s movie. After that, you have to love Mastodon.

  2. Still sad I missed the Dethklok/Mastodon show 😦 Nice post! Isn’t guest blogging fun? I will have to check out their music a bit more.

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