**GUEST POST** #2 Kidcrash – Jokes

Kidcrash – Jokes

To make it through an entire Kidcrash record itself is a lot of work. After the work is put in, however, there is no feeling more rewarding. The record itself was recorded by the band themselves in a home studio. The album is a bit of a departure from the previous full length New Ruins which was overly polished and had too much production value. Jokes carries with it a huge amount of intensity that is shown in every instrument on the album. The ability to shift dynamics from clean angular guitars to distorted octave runs to chord progressions baffles me. The rhythm section holds everything together and is all the while no less technical themselves. Buster Ross is one of the most talented drummers that I’ve ever heard. His ability to follow all of the time shifts almost steal the attention away from the album. The album itself takes a few listens to digest, but once listened to and understood will blow away every over polished album in the genre.

On a side note from the album itself. The band is big into DIY. From recording songs themselves, booking, and promoting. The band has asked the label that distributes their records to post a page that gives you the ability to download all the band’s work for free. They do ask for a small donation to help them maintain equipment, make records, and tour. The donation is not mandatory, but would be greatly appreciated to them I’m sure. Also, there is a description on the album “New Ruins” that tells what happened between their label Lujo and themselves

-Ryan Underwood

Thank you so much Ryan. This post is great! We honestly love everyone who asks to do a post! It keeps us going on this site! Love it! Thanks again!

Download the album: http://denovali.com/kidcrash/


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