Mos Def – Ecstatic

I’ve meant to do this album for like, 4 days now, but I literally have had no time.  It’s all good though, because good things come to those who wait, and this album is GOOD.  By GOOD I mean great, fantastic, amazing, incredible, probably my favorite hip hop album in a while.

Mos Def has always really been one of my favorite rappers and poets and yeah, he had a couple terrible albums,  but with Ecstatic, we are given one of the freshest, original hip hop albums to hit the streets in a while.  The samples and raps on this are seriously incredible.  The guy uses everything he can possible think of.  The whole album feels like a throwback to the 70’s or 80’s when rap was in its heyday.  But what I really love about Mos Def is that he’s socially conscious and not just rapping about sipping Bacardi or slapping hos while they’re licking lollipops.

One of my favorite songs on the album is Auditorium, it has a middle eastern feel throughout the song and makes me want to grab my hookah and think about how wrong the war in Iraq is.  Seriously, this song is freaking incredible.  Check it out.


What do you think of this album?

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