Norma Jean – Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child

Norma Jean – Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child

“LEECH WITH TWO DAUGHTERS, GIVE GIVE THEY CRY” is just one of the many passionate one liners spewed from Josh Scoggins mouth on this album. Every song, every note is packed full of power, and depth. This album started a whole new generation of hardcore/metal bands called noisecore. Seriously this album will forever be in my top 5 favorite albums of my life! I remember back in 2002 going to Cornerstone and hanging out with guitartist Derr’s finacee and friend from Georgia cooking burgers for people who responded to our walkie talkie conversations to anyone who was on our channel about free food. While we were sitting around cooking we were listening to this album two months before it came out. I felt so privaledged because the year prior I was huge into Luti-Kriss (now Norma Jean) and I remember Leah (Derr’s wife) saying this album is WAY HEAVIER than Luti-Kriss’ Throwing Myself. I thought, “How could this be possible?” So we sat around, cooked 40 hamburgers and listened to this album straight through at least 4 times. I was so pumped to be one of the lucky people to hear it before it got “leaked” on the internet.

Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child is a necessary album to have on any portable device. I WILL NOT leave the house without this album. The whole dynamic of this album is incredible. Grabbing Aaron Weiss from MewithoutYou to come yell poetry while having heavy guitars repeat their riffs was an eye opener to me and I am sure everyone else who has heard this album. Norma Jean had a range of a minute and thirty second song to a sixteen minute song. ALL of them straight up heavy and powerful! I cannot begin to tell someone how amazing this album is. It certainly changed my life, not just music wise, but also lyrically. The lyrics spoke to me quite a bit. I don’t know if it was because I had a huge man crush on Josh Scoggins, but either way I can sit anywhere without listening to this album and repeat the lyrics and respect the context behind it. This album should be a part of everyone’s life. Please give this album a shot if you haven’t already. If you have heard this album before, LISTEN TO IT AGAIN!!!! This album will forever get an A+ from me. I have listened to it I am sure at least 200 times all the way through and not once have I gotten sick of it. Never will.


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