Starflyer 59 – Americana

My Gosh.  Do you remember how amazing Starflyer 59 was back in the day?  Americana and Gold were CONSTANTLY in my cd player.  I killed these cds back in the day.  Actually, to be fair, there was a good year and a half where all I listened to was Starflyer,  seriously.  Ask anybody.   SF59 started as a shoegazer band from CA but matured into a full on rock band, blending in synths and even had albums that sounded straight out of the 70’s (see 2003’s Old, which, for your fyi, I remember driving up to Dekalb the day it came out and I must’ve listened to that album for like, three million years straight, my God, amazing), but enough about that, I’m here to talk about Americana, one of SF59’s first albums.

Americana is the perfect album for staring of into the middle distance.  That seems like a strange thing to say, I’m sure, but honestly, go listen to it and it’s true.   Just turn off everything else for a second and put on some headphones,  and just let your mind wander, you really won’t regret it.   This album make me feel wistful and even a little angsty, the kind of way you feel after you’ve broken it off with someone.  You miss the days when you could just hang out and be friends, but it’s over now.   But really, it’s sad overglossed pop music, so what did you expect.   What gets me about this album the most is how much I’m enjoying listening to it right now, some 15 years after it’s birth.   I wouldn’t say it’s timeless to everybody, but to me, this album still sounds as fresh as it did 10 years ago when I first gave it a listen.

Anyways,  check out this song Harmony from Americana and love it.

and then watch this video of a Unicorn Samurai.

seriously.  What the Fu……….nk.


2 thoughts on “Starflyer 59 – Americana

  1. you know, Mr. Unicorn wouldn’t be quite as awkward if he were to actually pretend to cut something with his sword rather than use it to emphasize how clumsy his arms are.

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