Bright Eyes – Lifted or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground

Bright Eyes – Lifted or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground

You guys pulled through on this one! I asked for a suggestion and got an outstanding one. Today’s album was inspired by our friend Lua from Istanbul!

I personally LOVE this album. The first song on this album paints an outline for the rest of the album. The album starts off in what sounds like a car ride with friends, and slowly a single acoustic guitar is being plucked to an amazing tune. The choppy and not so crisp vocals start as if Conor Oberst were trying to tell a story while having this car ride of a movie playing in the background. As the songs progresses and the story is being told, the vocals become more and more clear like a microphone is inching itself closer to this storyteller. I can’t get over how amazing this song is. The lyrics to this whole album are not structured. It is one solid mass of words put together so well. I love how each song tells a new story! You get a clear picture of what Conor is singing about. I love that about this!

The song “Don’t know when, but a day is gonna come” is one of my favorites on this album. Talks of his childhood made me remember my own. Lifted became an album that I related to back in 2003. I had a rough time with my family and and this album made it okay, it also showed me that I am becoming a human being and that happens and it is not the end of the world. I made amends and my life has been better since. To this day I cannot stop listening to this album. It is as powerful as the first time I heard it! This album is full of philosophical questions and ramblings and if you don’t think about those sorts of things, you will. I just love it.

I love Conor’s aura and how he represents himself on this album. Calm and strong, with a dash of fun on this album. This was the first album I started to listen to from Bright Eyes and after the first few songs I was like “I love them!” Since, I have purchased the other albums and as of now I have EVERY Bright Eyes album and they are totally worth it!

To put it shorter, this album is worth a listen. The folkiness is great! The collaboration between what seems like an orchestra on one song, and then a towns bluegrass band on the next, it makes for an incredible experience. The “lyrics” or stories being told while music is playing are just inspiring! This is would be a highly recommended album from myself and Lua! Check it out!


What do you think of this album?

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