The Appleseed Cast – Two Conversations

The Appleseed Cast – Two Conversations

Well FINALLY after a few weeks I am writing a new post about an album that I love so much! I don’t know if it is because of the Minneapolis skyline, or because the album is just so beautifully crafted.

This album was a great addition to The Appleseed Cast’s lineup of albums because it was very different from most of their albums but still had the soul of the previous albums. When I first heard this album I can honestly say I didn’t like it. The reason being is because I couldn’t get over how the vocals were a lot different than previous albums and it wasn’t anything I was used to. At the same time this is the EXACT reason why I fell in love with it! Before this album TAC left their previous record label and in that transition recorded somewhere different and I think this really let things go for TAC. They became more comfortable with who they were and wanted to show that with others! This album has both old and new elements and I believe this album opened up doors to albums of theirs that followed.

Sticking to their roots they have a bit of instrumental and nice flowy tunes, but also add more vocals and happier tones. All in all this album will die with me! I love this so much! I really don’t know what else to say about this album except BUY IT! Buy all of their albums! You will be seeing more and more albums posts of theirs of this year! I guarantee it!

Good to be back, sorry for letting you guys down the past week or so!


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