Radiohead – Amnesiac *WE’RE BACK!!!*

Radiohead – Amnesiac

Although I may have started listening to Radiohead at the album Kid A, I cannot tell you how much I love Radiohead. A lot of people tell me that The Bends or Pablo Honey were their best albums, and after listening to them I don’t see it. Maybe because they want to be able to say “I listened to Radiohead first” just to seem musically intelligent because they are older. Makes me kind of mad. ANYWAY!!! I am writing about Amnesiac because the other day I was listening to Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors, and was AMAZED at how that song was made. I still don’t know what was involved in making that song. Doesn’t matter because it was made and I enjoy it so much! Each song is packed full of incredible beats, amazing guitar work, sootheing piano, and pounding bass lines. I have told MANY people that this album is one of 5 to go to heaven and a deserted island with me. I still can’t get over how incredible and relevant this album is to this day. Amnesiac was way before it’s time. I have not heard any album of this genre to do half of what this album did. Honestly I don’t think an album ever will.

I honestly have no more words about this album. I love it and will always love it. My kids WILL know every word of this album before they are 13. I will make sure of it. haha

Okay well I wanted to say sorry to everyone who have been coming to the site but not seeing any new posts. I am hoping to change that.


What do you think of this album?

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