Born of Osiris – The Discovery (3 track album preview)

Well hey there! It has almost been a full year (3 days short) since our last post and I got a comment last night on a post we did a while back and I had this album in my mind that I would love to write about! So HERE IT IS!

I know the actual album does not come out until March 22nd, 2011 and there have been no real leaks of the album, but Born Of Osiris did put out 3 new songs from the album. SO, I am going to write about those. Track #1 – Follow the Signs. Starts off with a crazy synth keyboard and goes straight into a ridiculous time signature of heavy 7-string guitar. This song doesn’t have as much power as one of my favorite songs from them on this new album called Visualized to Perfection. Follow the Signs is equivalent to the whole album of The New Reign. It would blend perfectly with that album. Don’t get me wrong, but The New Reign was my favorite album by Born of Osiris. Track #2 – Intelligent Design. This song starts off like a Linkin Park song and immediately turns me off to it until it gets to about :45 seconds in. Again decently heavy riffs with some nice solos in there. Overall this song doesn’t really do too much for me. I like it and all but I think it is an extension of their second album A Higher Place (which I did not like as much as The New Reign). The end of the song redeems itself with a heavy “breakdown” and deep vocals. Track #3 – Visualized to Perfection. Now this song takes over and makes this whole album worth waiting for and pre-ordering. The vocals are heavy as shit, and the guitars again are just all over the place time wise and the solo behind all of the monster sounds has a distorted beginning. Honestly I cannot explain it so I will post the song and listen to this timestamp 0:32 seconds. That part made me say out loud alone on a car drive by myself, NO WAY!!!!!! SICK!!!!!!!!!! After that, I have been checking EVERYDAY for a leak for this album. I absolutely cannot wait.

Overall this album preview nailed it. It made me crave more and somehow got me to do a pre-order with a shirt and a poster. Something tells me that when I get this album, I will not stop listening to it for a long time to come!

I really hope you guys enjoy some good heavy music. These guys are from the Chicago area and make us Illinoisans proud!

Thanks for reading!

Born of Osiris – Visualized to Perfection


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