They Might Be Giants – Lincoln

Try to think of an album that has shaped you as a human being.  Try to think of an album that, 20+ years later, you’re still listening to.  Through the Weezer’s and Notorious BIG’s (both of which also had a hand in shaping who I am, and what I like musically), there is one constant.

Lincoln may not be known as the quintessential album by TMBG (that’s Flood, by most, or all people’s standards), but to me, it’s THE album by TMBG.  Lincoln was to me, a soundtrack to my younger years.  An album that played while I read comic books, or played with my ninja turtles.  It was an album I didn’t truly understand, or appreciate, but I knew one thing, I loved They Might Be Giants, and all of the eccentricities.

From the opening track , Ana Ng , a song about a Cantonese girl they’ve never met, to I’ve Got a Match,  one of my personal favorites, there is simply not a bad song on this album..and every song is completely different.  It’s an astonishing feat, even more mind-blowing when you factor in at this point (and really until John Henry) it was just the two John’s.

Not to mention, I’ve always thought Cowtown was about my hometown, although, we don’t have any cows, and we don’t live beneath the ocean.  It just sounds like what Ottawa should be.

If you’ve never listened to it, you really should. If you have, it’s probably about time you listen to it again.