Efterklang – Performing Parades

There’s not many live albums that I dig.  I’d much rather see the band live, then listen to a recording of the band live.  Albums, for the most part, are meticulously planned out, and usually try to give the best sense of what the band is all about.

There’s two live albums that I’ve loved, and they both happen to be from the same band.


Efterklang’s Performing Parades  is a testament that you can bring an entire album to life live, and have it translate perfectly as an album by itself.  Every song is given a vibrant, fleshed out feel, and the addition of the Danish Orchestra only furthers that feeling.  This is how Parades should be listen to.

A few stand outs for me, as they are on the studio album , are Mirador and Cutting Ice to Snow.   Cutting Ice to Snow  clocks in at just over seven minutes, but every minute is worth it.  The slow building sweetness, met with the triumphant ending, seriously gets me every time.

If you’re looking for something a little different, and something a little more…European…you’d be hard pressed to find a better band then Efterklang, and if you’re looking for something that personifies their sound, check out Performing Parades.